No arranged marriage for me: Esha


Esha Deol talks about her upcoming film, being a daughter and sister to the Deols and her love life.
In ‘Tell Me O Khuda’, you work with your dad and Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna. How challenging was it to hold your own around them?
With dad, it was a different equation because he’s my father and we are very attached to each other. He gives me tips on how to handle my face. With Rishiji and Vinodji, I have known them since I was a kid, so even they treat me like their own child. They all look out for me and want me to do my best.
How did you feel about Mr Bachchan declining a role in the film?
Jaya aunty has been very close to me right from my very first film, in which we worked together. We never took it badly at all. In fact, he had date problems.
How come you decided to shoot with Salman at the last moment?
It was not a last minute thing. Salman bhai, right from the beginning, had told me that in my film, if there’s a song, he would be there in it.
Were you intimidated by him?
He and I are very chilled out with each other. After ‘Dhoom’, everyone wanted to see more of you. But that didn’t seem to happen. I tried to do a couple of more action films, which did average but nothing like Dhoom.
Will you ever wear a bikini again or was that an exception for YRF?
YRF shoots everything very aesthetically. So, I wouldn’t trust any other filmmaker.
Actresses are very comfortable using profanity on-screen nowadays. What’s your take on it?
When you are playing a character, you’re playing a character. Personally, I have done bold roles, but there is a certain limit that I’ll go to, as far as foul language is concerned on-screen. The family background doesn’t permit such things. I, as a girl, do not enjoy abusing. I do not think girls should abuse that much.
What about kissing and intimate scenes?
(Animated) No! Little lovemaking here and there, I managed to pull off. But I am never going to kiss.
Hemaji said that she’s on the lookout for a boy for you. Does this mean you are open to an arranged marriage?
I will fall in love, baby! Nothing arranged works for me.
Is there a special someone?
(Blushes) I have got to be diplomatic and use the perfect statement that all actresses use – No Comment!


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