India releases more water into Sutlej


The water level at Ganda Singh Headworks is constantly mounting as India has spilled more water into Sutlej River. According to Flood Forecasting Division data, the current water flow at Ganda Singh Headworks is 60,000 cusecs and a low-level flood exists in the Sutlej River but the water level is expected to rise to 80,000 cusecs by Wednesday evening.
Owing to the flood in Sutlej River, it is feared that the lower areas of Kasur, Okara, Pakpattan, Vihari and Bahawalnagar will be inundated. Lahore Comissioner Jawad Rafiq said India had informed the administration only six hours before releasing the water but the administration had controlled the situation. Kasur District Coordination Officer Irshad Hussain said the current water level in Sutlej River was 19.5 feet.
He said a number of villages of Kasur including Bhiki Wind,Chanda Singh Wala, Sehjra and Masteki had been affected by the low-level flood. However, the flood situation in the Sutlej worsened on Monday night with 68,000 cusecs passing through the river. The flood disconnected some villages from main roads and boats were being used for transport.


  1. Govt punjab must act and help the villagers and take appropriate measure to protect the locals on permanant basis……aab

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