Asma Jahangir opposes calling in army at Karachi


President Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Asma Jahangir has opposed calling in army in Karachi saying the fundamental rights of people will stand suspended on the arrival of army.
Talking to media, Asma said that problems will not be resolved if army is called in Karachi. She proposed to the government to give powers to institutions so that situation could be overcome.
She warned that not only the powers of judiciary will be clipped but also fundamental rights of people will be usurped.
“If army comes in Karachi then Hyderabad and Sukkar are not far off”.
She opposed calling in army in Karachi and posed a question if the army could restore peace in Balochistan
She urged all political parties to sit together and find solution to the problem,
PPP leader Aitzaz Ahsan said civilian government should not worry about calling in army and they should not think that if army comes then civil government will be dissolved.
He said that army was duty bound to improve law and order situation under the supervision of civil government.” To my view point there is no harm in calling army to deweaponize Karachi”, he remarked.
Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) has strongly condemned calling in army in Karachi.


  1. I agree with Asma Jahangir that Army should not be called in. The police knows ins and outs of the area where they are located. The government has to purge those police officers who were inducted in Musharraf days to please MQM. Ms Asma, I am sure, is aware how the command and control centre established by former Nazim of Karachi was used to direct terrorists to keep away from the area where the police was patrolling.

    Ms Asma Jehangir criticised PAC to be a subsidiary of PPP but she conveniently forgot to mention about MQM's extortionists and torturers. I wonder if she could clarify this point and whether she agrees that MQM is as guilty as other political parties.

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