1. If you read report in The Independent of London few days ago you are bound to be impressed by his selfless and hard work for decades and decades. Mr Burney's record is not flawless. He served as Federal Minister for Human Rights in the Musharraf government but there is nothing to cite his achievements. His association with Ishrat Ebad is open to questions. Eyebrows were raised when he took Ishrat Ebad to Dubai with brief case full of two million US dollars ostensibly to pay ransom which raised alarm bells in the United Nations. H should know how honest are Ishrat Ebad and Banar Ghauri and Mustafa Kamal who belong to 'middle class' and now own properties in Dubai

  2. I meant Anna Hazare who is a genuine human rights leader unlike Ansar Burney who hobnobs with MQM and whose record of human rights is appalling.

    • Unfortunately MQM is the only pro Pakistan force in Southern Pakistan on which Pak army depends. Whereas weakening of corrupt PPP means rise of miltant outfitls such as Aman Committee to create troubles along with resurgence of sindhi nationalists who were previosuly notorious bhattakhors of Karachi mill area. Secondly ANP continues to hobnob with US to change the whole diaspora. ANP weapons are reportedly latest that even army does not have those. Karachi's biggest solution is to do Army operation which Aman committee are opposing for obvious reasons.

  3. Unfortunately the MQM is an ethnic and linguist party and ever since it's inception Sindh is in turmoil. Now Altaf has come out openly as a leader of Mohajirs and here again not all the Mohajirs are on his side. Altaf is a blackmailer par excellence. He thrives on violence and his party is run on fascist lines. One should not draw a satisfaction that army will be on MQM's side. The fact is that if Army is called inti action then Altaf's thugs will have no place to hide.

    As far as Ansar Burney is concerned he is no match of Anna Hazare.

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