IHC orders report over harassment of mother, daughter


Additional Sessions Judge Wajahat Hussain on Monday orderedthe Aabpara police station house officer (SHO) to submit an inquiry report within 24 hours about a case of sexual harassment, and detention of a 15 year old girl and her mother.
The application filed by the 15-year-old girl, Muskan Syeda, states that she was a teenager residing in the upper portion of a rented house in Sector G-7/3 along with her mother since March, which is owned by Karim. Her father died about a year ago.
She stated that for unknown reasons, the landlord Karim had asked them to vacate the said premises. No dues were pending with regard to the rent or other utilities, but her mother avoided getting into facts and consented. However, she asked for time to find other premises for residence. Karim refused this and began troubling the family in various ways.
She stated that the landlord and his two sons’, Manzoor Ahmed and Mehmood Ahmed maintained a bad reputation. One day, the sons forcefully stopped the mother and daughter in the street and held the latter’s hand, but she managed to escape. The application also states that Karim continued to sexually harass her and forced her to have sexual relations with him.
Earlier, Karim proposed to her mother but she refused, due to which he started his previous aggravating attitude. On July 12 at around 7:45 AM, the landlord along with his sons and two unidentified persons forcefully entered her portion and detained her and her mother in a room. She said Karim started physically and verbally assaulting her mother. He forcefully took her to one of the rooms in her house and locked the door. She said she was detained in the room for three hours and then physically and verbally abused and sexually harassed by Karim’s sons.
After the incident, she left the house with her mother and started living in another house in Sector G-9 but both of them continued to suffer from excessive physical and mental agony and harassment by Karim over telephone. She also filed an application with the relevant police station on July 14, but no action had been taken against the accused persons.
She said Karim used “loafers” to harass her and her mother over telephone and by SMS, besides making their life miserable. She said she was forced to submit an application addressed to the senior superintendent of police (SSP) on July 29. The said application was sent to then Aabpara SHO, Muhammad Hussain Lassie on August 5, but yielded no result.
She said the Aabpara police station was not registering an FIR in accordance with the application with the excuse that they did not have the application or a copy of it. She said almost a month had passed, but no action against the accused had been taken and she had finally moved to court.
The mother of the girl prayed in her application that an appropriate judgment may be passed directing the Aabpara police SHO to register a criminal case against the culprits for their illegal assault and sexual harassment, and humiliation upon her and her daughter in the interest of justice.