Capital becomes a dumping ground for unidentified bodies


The setting up of hundreds of checkposts in various parts of the capital has failed to hinder the shifting of unidentified bodies by the killers across areas around the federal capital, through which they aim to divert investigators’ attention.
“The capital police recovered over 30 unidentified bodies from various parts of the city, dumped after they had been killed in other parts of the country by unidentified people or were carried alive and shot dead in the suburbs of the city,” a police source told Pakistan Today.
The source said police had recovered 10 bodies from the limits of Ternol Police Station, five from Sihala Police Station, three from Shehzad Town police Station, Two from Ababpara, two from Golra, two from Industrial Area, two from Koral, two from Margalla police precincts and one each from Kohsar and Shalimar police precincts. “People throw dead bodies within the limits of Tarnol, Sihala and Shehzad Town and in the other areas because of the absence of police patrolling in these areas or poor control of police officials from other areas,” he said.
The source said that due to the poor check kept by the police high-ups on the police stations located in the city’s urban areas, the rate of murder and other crimes were increasing. He said the outer limits of Tarnol police station were famous for the discovery of unidentified bodies and these mostly belonged to taxi drivers who had been killed after the theft of their cars. “We also recover bodies of anonymous drug addicts from the limits of Sabzi Mandi police station”, the source said.
He said that the high-ups of capital police so far had no plans of impeding the shifting of bodies to the capital by increasing security at the city’s entry and exits points.
“The main reason for an increased number of unidentified bodies being recovered is that authorities do not position policemen at the entry and exit points located in these areas,” he said. He said a lack of police patrolling and incompetent investigation officers encouraged killers.
The source said the killers or those who shifted the bodies surveyed the area before shifting the bodies.
The source said poor patrolling in the city’s suburb not only encouraged the dumping of unidentified bodies, but also blind murder cases.
“Blind murder cases have in fact increased alarmingly in the city due to the police’s failure to bring the culprits to justice. In most cases the police have not yet started a proper investigation,” the source said.