Zero Point Interchange seeks attention


Commuters are facing difficulties crossing over from Sector G-7 to Sector G-8 since the construction of the Zero Point Interchange (ZPI).They are exposed to life risks due to fast moving vehicles on the newly-constructed eight-lane highway. It was observed that the ZPI structure was too complex for motorists not familiar with the new construction to comprehend, and despite the new interchange, a lot of motorists coming from Rawalpindi still depended on the U-turn. Rehan Iqbal, a motorist living in G-8, said when coming home from his office, he faced hardships at Zero Point.
There are only two options available to motorists when going to sector G-8, they can either take the U-turn at the I-8 signal and then enter G-8, or they can take to the streets of G-7, onto the Islamabad Highway, take a U-turn again and enter G-8. Either way, it takes an additional 15 to 20 minutes to reach G-8 due to the construction of the ZPI. Moreover, commuters expressed concern over the absence of over-head bridges at main crossing points like Zero Point. People said it was difficult for them to cross the eight-lane highway.