Zardari rules out army action in Karachi, replacing Sindh CM


A high-level meeting at the Presidency held to discuss the law and order situation in Karachi ruled out a proposal to call in the Pakistan Army to restore peace to the city, deciding that the civilian government would be given another opportunity with a changed strategy to apprehend criminals and control the spiraling violence.
The meeting, which was chaired by President Asif Ali Zardari, also discussed a proposal to appoint Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khurshid Shah the Sindh chief minister and tasking him with taking all political parties on board over the unabated violence in the country’s powerhouse. However, the proposal was rejected by a majority of participants.
Sources said it was decided that the Sindh government should be given another chance to restore peace to Karachi, as major changes in the Sindh government would be politically harmful for the PPP. The sources said the PPP Sindh cabinet members also criticised the MQM’s role vis-à-vis’ the Karachi situation, with the participants saying the MQM was only criticising the government and playing no role for restoring peace in the city. He said President Zardari directed the Sindh cabinet members to also redress ANP’s concerns, so that both parties could control the situation in Karachi. Syed Khursheed Shah, Murad Ali Shah, Agha Siraj Durrani and Sharjeel Memon were among those who attended the meeting.


  1. Zardari decides what has to be done. No one else has any say. He is apparently giving another chance to the provincial government. The result will not be different from the previous ones and therefore Asif will blame the government of the provunce. Asif Zardari has given far too much to Altaf without getting anything which could help bringing peace to Karachi. Asif is obsessed with his policy of reconciliation and will continue to shower his magnanimity to these thugs.

    • The Ace of Spades and Ace of Clubs work hand in hand both proteges of Neocons.
      Their own survival depends on the continuity of terrorism without which one Ace will
      lose his residency in UK and the other his Worldly Assets and find himself next door to Ex- President Noriega. If the Ace of Spades allows the Army into Karachi in any manner his and the Ace of Clubs fate will be sealed.

  2. Pakistan is calling for its Anna Hazare not for anti-corruption, bill but for saving the innocent humanity in Karachi carnage.
    Come on, just one person from the huge crowd of President, Prime Minister, Ministers, Chief Ministers, Governors, Speakers & Deputy speakers, MNA’s & MPA’s.
    Is there not even one person in this nation of 18 crore people, to just stand up and protest like Anna Hazare, against the unabated killings of innocent perons in Karachi?
    The silence of the entire nation and all the organs of the state on Karachi Killings is deafning. But all of us must remember, that if today we fail to move individually & collectively, to stop the daily carnage of humanity in Karachi, then be ready to face the situation, where even our names will be scratched from the annuls of the history.

    Na Samjho Gay Tou Mit Jago Gay Aay Pakistan Walo
    Tumahari Dastan Tak Bhi Na Ho Gi Dastanon Mein.

    • shame less president think about mony only
      bheek mangne wala allah ke naam pe imdaad please , people been killed in pakistan and he is busy collecting mony from others

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