Nawaz’s statements conspiracy against democracy


The Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) cabinet on Saturday adopted a resolution against statements made by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Nawaz Sharif regarding mid-term elections and the two-nation theory and demanded that he respect the people’s mandate.
The cabinet adopted two resolutions in its first meeting chaired by Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed at AJK Prime Minister’s Secretariat demanding Nawaz Sharif let government complete its tenure.
The resolution said that the AJK cabinet had shown concern over the statement of Nawaz Sharif about mid-term elections in the country and declared it a ‘conspiracy against democracy.’ The cabinet also expressed its reservations against Nawaz Sharif’s alleged statement about two-nation theory. “The statement has damaged the Kashmir cause beside national integrity and solidarity”, the resolution said. The cabinet also adopted another resolution appreciating the visit of United States (US) Senator John Mecan to different parts of the state of Jammu Kashmir including Srinagar, Ladakh, Gilgit Baltistan (GB). The cabinet declared it ‘encouraging’ and asked the US and international community play an effective role to minimise tensions between Pakistan and India. The cabinet reaffirmed the pledge of the AJK government to pursue the liberation of Indian-occupied territory. The meeting also expressed concern over Karachi’s situation and condemned incidents of targeted killing in the city besides showing sympathy with the families of victims. The cabinet also offered Fateha for those killed in Karachi and the Jamrud suicide blast.