Karachi Police have arrested 100 assassins, says Malik


Karachi Police have apprehended 100 assassins allegedly involved in killings in the city and they would soon be presented before the public and media, Federal Minister for Interior Minister said on Saturday.
Addressing a press conference at the office of SITE Association of Trade and Industry, he said the business community was being targeted under a plan but the government was committed to extend every protection to them.
“President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani have directed across the board action against culprits,” he said. “Extortion, sectarianism and ethnicity have emerged as major problems in the city and must be addressed urgently and firmly,” the minister said.
Sindh Home Minister Manzoor Hussain Wassan, and traders’ leader, Siraj Qasim Teli were also present on the occasion.
Rehman Malik said incidents of terrorism were meant to weaken Pakistan and the situation in Karachi was a cause of concern for every Pakistani. “Our enemies are bent upon weakening Karachi, the commercial hub of country, as part of their strategy to create mayhem across the country,” Malik said.
He said the mafia of extortionists in Karachi was extremely strong and each group was engaged in fighting out other to expand its areas of control in the city.
“They are definitely being supported by someone who also exercises influence,” he said. He said the government had already launched a campaign against these mafias and that he himself had been sent to Karachi by the PM to cooperate with the Sindh Home Department.
Rehman Malik said all the police kiosks would be restored in the SITE area for the protection of traders and industrialists against the extortionists. He said CCTV cameras will also be installed across the SITE area. He asked the members of SITE Association of Traders and Industrialists to support the government in its endeavor against criminals and unscrupulous elements.


  1. Yes Minister! In your case it would be blasphemy to say 'for Allah's sake stop your lies'.
    All the Angels in Heaven are bewildered at your 'creation'. Even lucifer scratches his head asking himself should he or should he not ask for Divine Forgiveness. So you've
    gathered all the ''Goons'' and now we wonder which party's stamp you will print on their
    foreheads before presenting them to the media.

  2. All leading Political/Religious parties have (Marasee) Comedians among their ranks. He is one of them. Ultimately all these 100 rifles will be declared innocent by our Most Azaaaaad Adliya history has even known (frightened Squirrels).

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