I just wasn’t ambitious enough, says Dia Mirza


They are spunky, they have the requisite zest too, and they have joined hands to paint their creative dreams in myriad hues on silver screen. Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan can’t hide their excitement or the confidence that is mirrored on their faces as they don the producers’ hat for their debut production ‘Love Breakups Zindagi’.
Speaking about ‘Love Breakups Zindagi’, Dia says, “I am surprised, sometimes even shocked when I see youngsters around me, who are totally in love with the idea of love, and endorse cliched terms like opposites attract. In our film, we are saying you need a common ground, similar core values etc., for your relationships to work.” Adds Zayed, “The film is speaking the language of the youngsters, and we witnessed this as we met so many college students of Nagpur. The energy, verve and the knowledge they have about so many issues, is truly amazing!”
Despite her looks and talent, Dia didn’t get due credit in filmdom. Ask her this and Dia is brutally honest as she admits: “In the very beginning of my career, a journalist wrote in a column that I just couldn’t act! And next few years, I went on accepting films that were off beat and unusual, just to prove him wrong! I made some fundamental mistakes and refused some great commercial films, which could have put me in the top banner! Moreover, the crisis in my personal life impacted my professional life.”
Speaking about her journey in films, she says, “I just wasn’t ambitious enough. You know there’s a world of difference between being a star and an actor. If you want to be a star, you have to be focused, determined and very driven. There were times when I felt that what I was offered was just not good enough for me. But today, thankfully, I have clarity of thought, and I am in a calmer space. Acting, for me is like therapy, the medium is pure and my journey has to be meaningful. My own production house is the beginning of this meaningful journey.”