Govt flats suffer due to CDA’s negligence


Due to the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) sheer negligence, several government flats in Islamabad are in shambles and vulnerable to annihilation by the slightest untoward incident.
The civic body is reluctant to renovate the flats and their condition has deteriorated with each passing day. Residents appealed repeatedly to the authorities concerned for the renovating the flats, but to no avail. However, the ramshackle condition of these flats poses a serious threat to the lives of the people residing therein.
Many flats constructed by the PWD are in better condition as compared to those which were developed by the CDA, residents said. A CDA official told Pakistan Today that lack of funds had halted the civic body from initiating any extra project and renovation work. “The authority is now reluctant to do work at any such project which cannot be completed,” he added.
The high rise buildings present a dangerous threat and some residents are further aggravating the problem by illegally constructing rooms. These flats are generally located in the old sectors of Islamabad such as in sectors G/6, G/7 and G/9. A large number of government employees reside in these flats, while some have rented out their houses.
“We are living under a great threat as our flats could cave in any time,” said Usman Mahmood, a resident of G/9 flats. He said these flats needed proper renovation every year, adding that the CDA should also utilise its funds to help government employees.
A resident, Zaigham, said his own neighbours were equally responsible for the problems faced by the residents of the flats. “Unfortunately, after getting any facility, most of the residents started misusing it: the civic body installed bulbs in our flats – however, after a few days had passed, all the bulbs were stolen,” he said. He added that no one but the residents could be involved in such shameful practices.
Besides the poor condition of the buildings, inhabitants of these flats are also deprived of proper water supply. “We only receive water in trickles, and the shortage of water has become routine,” said Yousaf, a resident of the flats in Sector G/6.
Many citizens were of the view that the CDA ought to allocate a proper budget for the renovation of these flats, and to address their problems, including the issue of scarcity of water on priority basis.