Josh enthrall the audience at Canadian embassy


The Montreal-based internationally famed band Josh rocked the Canadian Embassy in Pakistan at the eve of 144th Anniversary of Canada and to celebrate the 64th Independence Day Celebration of Pakistan. The concert aiming at combined celebration was attended by noted bureaucrats and officials and eminent people from all over the world.
The event was meant to bring people of all ethnicities together, breaking racial bounds and celebrating the spirit of patriotism. After the success of their most recent album in market Beyond Kismat, Rup and Q pumped up the audience and wrote another success story. On this occasion, High Commissioner Canadian Embassy Ross Hynes expressed his views in these words “Josh have embodied and promoted the message of pluralism-the idea that diversity is a source of strength as well as a force of creativity-which is recognised as a core value in Canada”.
He also said that Josh was as popular in Canada as in Pakistan and it was a wonderful sight to see Rup and Q performing away from home yet, in front of their home crowd, he added. Rup and Q rocked the embassy and brought Canada and Pakistan together. To the band, that is precisely the essence of Josh and the purpose of their fusion.