With Waja a courageous friend has departed, says Haider


“The martyrdom of Waja Karim Dad has separated PPP from a dedicated and courageous friend who fearlessly led his comrades during the darkest periods of brutal dictatorships, religious bigotry and ethnic prejudices,” said PPP Sindh General Secretary Taj Haider on Thursday. Haider said that the path of progressive politics was always difficult and torturous, but Waja Karim Dad was one who trod this path with blisters on his feet and with an inspiring smile on his face.
“Such men are indeed rare,” he added. Haider said that Karim Dad was a member of the Parliament of Pakistan who spent his life in a manner that truly reflected the feelings and aspirations of the working-class that he represented. He was far above petty squabbles and grouping, and was respected for his strong character and inborn humility by supporters and political opponents alike, Haider added. “It is indeed unbelievable that such persons of goodwill can be made targets of violent attacks,” Haider lamented.