Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party falling apart?


Five days after all nationalist parties in Sindh stood united for a province-wide strike, the Dr Qadir Magsi led-Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party (STPP) broke up on Thursday after its Central Vice President Ali Hassan Chandio and Central Committee member Hassan Samo announced parting ways citing ‘ideological, political and democratic differences.’
Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Thursday, Chandio and Samo announced their separation from the STPP and forming another group named ‘Sindh Unity Forum’ with the support of their 200 supporters.
They also claimed that another 1,000 STPP workers throughout Sindh will leave the party to join them gradually.
Reportedly, internal differences within the party leadership had been developing for the past six month but became worse after the visit of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief’s visit to the Taraqi Pasand House in Hyderabad.
Speaking at the press conference, the leaders avoided personal attacks on STPP chief Dr Magsi, saying their differences with the party leadership were on policies.
“Our differences with party leadership are based on differences on ideological, political and democratic level, as a personal dictatorship has been imposed on the party’s polices and decisions,” they said.
Chandio said the STPP was formed to work for the middle class and it became an important party of Sindh after many sacrifices of party workers.
“Afterwards, people of Sindh and party workers were betrayed by the STPP leadership. Children of those party workers who sacrificed their lives during struggle were forgotten by the party,” he said, adding ‘the working class struggles to change the feudal behaviour, but the Taraqi Pasand House became the meeting point of feudals’.
Chandio said the differences within the party leadership peaked after Nawaz Sharif was welcomed and the party announced supporting him, which was against the party policies.
“We along with 200 STPP workers, supporters and office bearers are leaving [STPP]. Another 1,000 workers and office bearers throughout Sindh will also announce their separation from the party soon,” he said, however, he added that they will continue to extend support to the Save Sindh Committee.


  1. sindh k masoom jinka taluqe zyada dehat se he boht preshan he un ki jaiz khun pasine ki kamai raddi ho gai akhir dobara is caranci lene se hakumat ko kia farq parta he pleez un ki madad kare kun k ye log apna paisa banko me nahi rkhte pleez help me s t p ka shukria ada karta hon jis ne awam k ley apni awaz buland ki the real king awami parti s t p

  2. This is bad news for stp’s workers & leaders but don’t be so worried for this you know that all sindh is sindhi are with us now

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