Pakistani businessman takes cue from Anna Hazare


Taking cue from Indian social activist Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption, 68-year-old Pakistani businessman Jehangir Akhtar has decided to go on a hunger strike in Islamabad from September 12.
Akhtar said he wanted the Pakistan parliament to pass an anti-corruption law similar to what India was now planning. “I demand that an anti-corruption bill be presented in the National Assembly (NA),” said Akhtar, a close follower of the anti-corruption war in India.
“Corruption in Pakistan is more than in India,” he said.
It is not the first time that Akhtar would be taking up cudgels for a cause. “I once sat on a hunger strike for 22 days for the sake of traders in Islamabad,” he said. Akhtar said back then it was about tenants being forcibly vacated, adding that he had gone on a hunger strike for eight days on another occasion. Stating that his family does not interfere in his decisions, Akhtar said he was “very determined” to stage the hunger strike.


  1. i really wish that Mr. Akhtar really make it happen, for stability of both the countries, people of india and Pakistan are not against each others but only politicians for their personal benefits.

    Requesting all people of Pakistan to support Akhtar Saab, with his initiate only you can do this.

    Hisdustan zindabad / Pakistan zindabad (vice versa)

    Aziz (India)

  2. They Basic difference between our muslims & pak muslims are that they are 10-15 years backward in their education, Maturity & thinking. Thats what i feel after interacting with numerous pakistani people here in toronto & with many online frnds in pak.. I doubt the youth of pakistan will back such kind of movement in Pakistan !!! But it will be good if they can !

  3. Mr. Akhtar i proud of you because corruption is a common enemy of both the country. we common people want to live simple and peacefully and India's common people have a great respect to the pakinstan common people. your decision is a initial step to eradicate corruption form the pakistan. in both the country top level officer line and politician are corrupt they do not want to develop the country. India is a top one country in the world which has black money in foreign bank. by the source of the wikileak website india's has a $1.4 trillion in Swiss bank. this is a only one bank list and what about other bank in the world. That kind of situation is also happened in pakistan. so Mr. Akhtan Keep it up and my and my country best wishes with you.

    • Yes Mr. Dinesh, I agree 100% with you that curruption is a common enemy for Pakistan and India. Only the people of both of coutries can fight with this menace.

      There is no hope from Politicians.

  4. Anna Hazare shows the path to whole world against the corruption. He is not only indian , but also international man.

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