Girls foil rickshaw driver’s kidnap bid


A rickshaw driver attempted to kidnap four girls on Thursday while they were coming back from Samanabad on his rickshaw.
The girls were Amina, 9, Nadia, 8, and Misbah, 14, and Sugrah, 10. The girls were residents of Sherakot and had gone to Samanabad Bazaar. They hired a rickshaw (LEM-8207) which turned towards Jinnah Hospital. When the rickshaw stopped at a signal, the girls started shouting to passersby for help, following which the rickshaw driver fled leaving his vehicle behind.
Two traffic wardens reached the scene and asked the girls what had happened, and after the girls filled them in, the wardens informed police and seized the rickshaw.
Police registered a case against the driver and handed returned the girls to their families.