PNCA to hold National Calligraphy Exhibition on 26th


Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) and the Information Ministry will hold `National Calligraphy Exhibition 2011’ on August 26. The show will feature traditional Islamic art by master calligraphic artists from across Pakistan. This exhibition of the traditional Islamic art of calligraphy portraying the true spirit of Islam, Divine peace, love, kindness and harmony for all human beings is being arranged to coincide with the Holy month of Ramadan.
“Art is an expression of creativity and calligraphic art is a source of great inspiration for those who want to practice their skills on spiritual designs,” said a PNCA official. Such programmes during Ramadan were a regular feature of the PNCA, the official said. He added that “calligraphy is a great Muslim heritage and the entire artist community feels proud about calligraphic art”. Artists from across the country will display their collection of traditional Islamic art while master calligraphic artists will also bring their innovative collections. The National Exhibition of Calligraphy is arranged by the PNCA every year during the month of Ramadan, a tradition initiated by Sadequain. He used to launch the exhibition of his new works based on Islamic calligraphy on the 27th of Ramadan, which attracted a huge turnout from every strata of society. After Sadequain, the National Art Gallery continued the tradition. After a discontinuity in past years, PNCA revived the tradition in 2009. The exhibition invites artists from all over Pakistan and displays the works of master painters and calligraphers to acknowledge their contribution towards the promotion of calligraphy. The exhibition represents work in traditional and contemporary genres. The works received so far are from Rawalpindi and Islamabad, D I Khan, Khushab, Faisalabad, Swabi and KPK. Each participant was asked to send two most recent and representative works in any medium. Accordingly, 40 participants have sent their works so far, the majority being young female calligraphers practicing traditional expression under the guidance of eminent calligraphers.