Karan Johar stands by Farah Khan


While Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan may have had a fall-out and not working together now, one person who is a good friend of SRK’s, Karan Johar, has stood by Farah like a rock through her trying times. Farah is choreographing the first song in Karan’s directorial venture ‘Student Of The Year’ starring the three debutantes: Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra. Says a source on the sets, “Karan’s ‘Student Of The Year’ rolls from today. Apart from it being Karan’s first day on the sets Farah also is shooting the first song which revolves around a wedding and sangeet sequence. Though SRK and Farah drifted apart in the last couple of years, Karan (Shah Rukh’s best friend) and Farah have remained consistently in touch. In fact Farah has always choreographed the songs in Karan’s films so it was unthinkable for the filmmaker to start the film and shoot any songs without her. Karan in fact wanted her to shoot all the songs in his films but Farah is so busy with the shooting for her TV show ‘Just Dance’ and choreographing songs for ‘House Full 2’ that she just didn’t have the time.” The source adds that Farah and Karan are extremely fond of each other and initially after Farah’s fall out with SRK though there was an awkwardness between the two, shortly after both spoke to each other and sorted out everything.