Have mercy on Karachi


It’s not a party playground

On Wednesday, a former PPP MNA from Lyari was shot dead while 13 others belonging to Lyari also died in acts of targeted killing. Two police officials maintained, and were later supported by the MQM in a press conference, that the killings were a result of rivalry between non-political gangs. As if the discovery of a number of dead bodies bearing signs of torture and packed in guinea bags was not enough to give many a sense of the deja vu, the relatives of the deceased took out a procession to the CM house demanding action against the MQM. Had this been merely a gang war between two Lyari groups, the dead bodies would have been discovered in Lyari rather than in distant PECHS, Sadar and Soldier Bazar. What PPP Karachi Division President Najmi Alam told the protesters also indicates that the killings were connected to the break up of the alliance in the province.

The disagreements between PPP, MQM and ANP have played a crucial part in the unprecedented targeted killings since 2008. The three partners are on record having repeatedly pointed fingers towards one another. The present year when differences between the PPP and MQM peaked, leading the latter to leave the coalition a number of times only to come back after its demands were accepted, has turned out to be the bloodiest with 1,100 people killed in the first six month of the year and about 400 more in July and August. It goes to the discredit of the partners, therefore, that Karachi continues to bleed.

Prime Minister Gilani and MQM maintain that the trouble has been created by those opposed to the alliance of the two parties. This fails to explain the chain of killings since 1988 and the charges levelled by responsible leaders of the two parties against one another. The politicking on dead bodies must end. Lawlessness in Karachi is highly detrimental to national security and the economy. What is needed is firm action against all culprits irrespective of their political affiliations. Safeguarding the interests of the two parties must not be allowed to play havoc with people’s lives. The law enforcement agencies should be ordered to proceed against the criminals whosoever they are. There should be no appeasement and no partisanship.


  1. Who is this Count Dracula that feeds upon the blood of innocent citizens of Karachi. Does he reside in London, or Dubai, or Islamabad?. While this blood is being spilled, political meetings are being held in the Presidency as if it is a normal routine and these are chicks or goats that are being slaughtered and not human beings. Is there any government in Karachi. will somebody tell the Sindh Information Minister to talk some sense. There is no shame or remorse. If they have any dignity, this govt should resign.

  2. its Lyari which is allowed to bleed for two years. Aman committee was principally backed to create troubles. But this weaponization had proved counter productive for the own government in Islamabad. Visit that place and you will get the reality. Sindh card is now turning against own government since establishment in Islamabad has finally declared provincial government 'a failure'. Imagine how weapons came in Lyari.

  3. The heart is sinking and tears in my eyes when I see reports emanating from Karachi in which a feeling of deja vue evoked when news of dead bodies whose torso is drilled and mutilated body is then put in gunny bags and then thrown somewhere. Who was responsible for these acts about two decades ago whicih prompted Gen Naseerullah Babar to take polce action thugs and the city reverted to normal. Mind you Gen Naseerullah Babar was Federal Interior Minister belonging to no one else but the PPP.

    Compare the federal Minister of the day who has been thrusted on the country by 'big hearted and friend of friends' Mr Asif Zardari. Rehman Malik unfortunately an MQM man and no one should expect an action from this man against the party which is widely perceived as perpetrator of target killings and recent abduction and then subjects these men to torture and murder them.

    It doesn't require to be a genius to make out but unfortunately the media is hostage to this fascist party who is all out to create a law and order situation to extract maximum concession from this supine government. While the people are being murdered Ishrat Ibad is in Islamabad lobbying for plum minsistries and Asif forthcoming to accept there demands and busy in wooing blackmailor Altaf Hussain.

    So far this government will pursue policy of appeasement and overlook heinous crimes just not upst a party or parties then peace will never return to Karachi.
    Manzoor Wasaan should cease dreaming and come out in the world and perform his duties to restore law and order. I heard him saying that the government is aware of the criminals and hideouts. If that is so then why the hell he is not taking action?

  4. Mercy is a word now found in the dictionary and thesaurus of the wild and no more in use with us the " Humans'' along with mercy, the word humane is also a curse and its
    use is considered as blasphemy by our present society.

  5. Altaf Hussain is a balancing act in Sindh politics against Sindh based nationalist forces. The demographics in Sindh is changing fast and Altaf represents a heavy majority of this change. He would be an automatic choice of the military establishment for support if PP loses support in rural Sindh. Altaf is a key man for united Pakistan. Zardari realizes that but unfortunately Nawaz does not understand rural urban balancing equation.

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