Ex-PPP MNA, 18 others slain in Karachi


The southern part of the city turned into a war zone after politically-affiliated rival gangs in Lyari and surrounding areas used rockets and hand grenades in clashes that left 19 people, including a former member of the National Assembly belonging to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) anf five women and a child, dead on Wednesday.
Three vehicles, two shops, 25 cabins were also torched in the violence which erupted after an armed clash between rival groups at Salar Compound. Ten people, including three women, were killed in the attack while more than a dozen were injured. More than six bodies in gunny bags were found in various areas of the city. Three had been kidnapped from PECHS and two from Saddar and Soldier Bazar. Their bodies were found in various areas of the South Zone of the city.

They were brutally tortured before being killed and their bodies were stuffed in gunny bags. The deceased were residents of Lyari and belonged to the Baloch community. Their relatives protested in front of the Chief Minister’s House and chanted slogans against the government’s allied party, demanding the arrest of the killers.
Najmi Alam, the president of the PPP Karachi Division, assured the protesters that his party would not allow the massacre of Baloch activists for the sake of reconciliation. “If The PPP is responsible for the killings in Lyari than the MQM is also responsible for the killings in Burns Road and other areas,” he said.
A fierce shootout broke out in the Bhaimpura area following five hand grenade blasts. Three people, including a baby, were killed. Armed motorcyclists open indiscriminate firing at Achi Qabar area of Meetha Dar that resulted in the death of two while four were injured.
In another incident, miscreants attacked Jamat Khana Kharadar area of Jackson, and killed four men including former PPP MNA Waja Kareem Dad. Another man was killed in an attack in Baldia Town.


  1. Ever since MQM-hAQQAQI HAVE PATCHED UP WITH MQM-Altaf,target killings and bathakhori has escalated.It looks mqm is pressuring PPP-Zardari to concede more and more to MQM in the current blackmailing to reenter government.The only solution Pak ARMY TAKE OVER FOR SIX MONTHS kARACHI,CLOSE ARY-DR DANISH,BADAMI,SAmmaa,JASMEEN,asma SHIRAZI,,expres,CNBC Mujhid BRELVI,NEWSONE -LUQMAN mubashir-Dunya-MQM agent,CNBC,SHAHZAD IQBAL,NADIA,ASMA Choudery,shahid,express,newsone -FAISALquerasy,ETC,convict target killers,bathajkhor in summary terrorust courts ab=nd hang them and also corrupt.country will be set right

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