CCPO lauds martyrs at Yadgar Shohada-e-Police inauguration


The Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Ahmad Raza Tahir is reported to have said while inaugurating the Yadgar Shohada-e-Police at Urdu Bazaar Chowk on Wednesday that Lahore Police was the force of Ghazis and Shaheeds and with the help of God and the complete support of people, it will continue to eliminate the scourge of terrorism and extremism from society.
The CCPO said that by sustaining law and order in the city, the Lahore police had not only gained the people’s trust but had also made them proud. Ahmad Raza Tahir also directed Lahore Police to maintain a state of high-alert until law and order was completely restored.
The CCPO praised the Lahore Police for having written a golden epic of bravery and fearlessness by sacrificing their lives for the protection of the citizens. The CCPO admitted that he was proud of the Lahore Police for their fearless willingness to face danger. He said that no sacrifice could be greater than the sacrifice of giving up one’s life for the sake of protecting humanity and that he was proud of the Lahore Police for often having made such sacrifices.
He also said that the sacrifices of the martyrs would not go in vain, as their mission would continue unhindered and all criminals and terrorists would be penalised and the life and wealth of the people ensured. Ahmad Raza Tahir spoke of his determination to look after the welfare and progress of the families of police martyrs and offered a special prayer for the souls of the martyrs at the inauguration ceremony.
The ceremony was also attended by senior police officers of Lahore Police including the Deputy Inspector General Operations Ghulam Mehmood Doger, Crime Investigation Agency Superintendent of Police Umar Virk, Urdu Bazaar President Khalid Pervaz and others traders.