Blood shed continues in Karachi: toll climbs to 38


The toll in the spiralling violence in Karachi has climbed to 46 with 30 people being killed since midnight.
Violence gripped the city after Pakistan People’s Party former lawmaker Ahmed Karimdad was killed in the Lyari area on Wednesday.
His killing had been preceded by five youngsters being gunned down in different parts of the city.
According to a private TV channel death toll has now gone up to 38 in two days.Police said four bullet-riddled bodies were recovered from Baldia Town. The dead had been kidnapped, tortured and later gunned down.
The dead included a fire station official, Liaquat Zafar Farooqui, who had been abducted with a colleague, Muhammad Irfan, from the Miran Naka fire station.
A note recovered from their pockets said “want war or peace or should we send more”.
Gunmen also opened fire at a police station and a grenade was hurled in Ranchor Line area.
While a body was found in Manghopir area, two bodies were recovered from Garden area.
Four bodies, which had been tortured, were found stuffed in gunny bags in another part of the city.Over 300 people have died in violence in Karachi over the past few weeks.