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‘I was a late bloomer’

The 28-year-old actress – who plays Emma Morley in new movie ‘One Day’ – explained she has begun to “relax” and enjoy life more as she inches closer to 30, as she previously felt under “a lot of pressure” to be successful. Speaking about her alter-ego, she explained: “Emma’s a late bloomer. I am, too. There’s a lot of pressure to feel like you have it all together in your early twenties – and there’s something very nice about getting older and realising getting it together is something you do over the course of your entire life. Then you start to approach 30 and you relax and all of a sudden everything starts to get more fun.” However, Anne admitted she initially felt “inadequate” to play Emma in the movie adaptation of the David Nicholls novel and had to “buck up” her confidence to take on the role. “I actually felt inadequate playing her. I had to get over that and kind of buck up my own confidence.”

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