Priyanka parties with Jay Sean


Priyanka Chopra was spotted with a new arm candy recently, much to the surprise of onlookers. The actress was seen wining and dining at a popular Juhu nightspot with the British singer-songwriter, rapper, beatboxer and record producer, Jay Sean. An eyewitness said, “Priyanka and Sean looked very comfortable with each other. They were in the nightclub for nearly two-and-half hours. Their conversation was rather animated. Priyanka was spotted giggling quite often. Almost everybody was looking at them, but they seemed quite oblivious of everyone and everything around them. Priyanka and Jay left the nightclub together.” Interestingly, the two, who first met in 2008 at one of Jay’s concerts, hit it off instantly and have since kept in touch. A source close to the actress gave us the details of their first encounter. “Priyanka is a big fan of hip-hop and R&B and so, when they were introduced to each other, they discussed music extensively. After that, they started following each other on a social networking site and have since kept in touch,” said the source.