No rift over alliance with PML-N: Humayun


Senior Pakistan Muslim League-Likeminded leader Humayun Akhtar on Tuesday said there was no disagreement in his party over forging an alliance with the PML-Nawaz.
“This is also evident from the fact that no Likeminded leader has given any statement against the arrangement being worked out between the PML-N and the Likeminded group,” he said.
Akhtar refuted media reports that senior party leaders were opposed to any alliance with the PML-N.
Giving details of the progress made between the Likeminded group and the PML-N on this front, he said, “Senior leadership of the party had earlier approved a policy of holding negotiations for future political cooperation with all major parties including the PML-N, the PPP, and the TI.” In pursuance of this policy, party president Salim Saifullah met PML-N President Nawaz Sharif.
After the meeting, the PML-N formed a committee comprising Sartaj Aziz, Ishaq Dar and Mehtab Abbasi and the PML-Likeminded formed a committee with Saifullah, Akhtar and Gafar Qureshi as its members.
The committee of the PML-Likeminded was completely empowered to hold negotiations with the PML-N and it was decided in the very first meeting between the two committees on August 11 that the two parties would enter into an alliance, “the modalities of which will be decided after Eid”.