Go bright this summer


Lilac, orange blossom and rose take precedence over fruity and leafy shades this summer, as brilliant pops of colour hit the makeup counters this season. From neon bursts in daffodil yellow, iris blue and lemon leaf green in nail polishes to creamy carnation and cool orchid in lip colour, there is much to choose from to look fabulous during these warm summer months. This year, look out for coloured eyeliners and eye pencils in bright hues that are everywhere now which always look hot. The other big trend this season, is adding hints of colour instead of the saturated, dense tones of the previous years. Says make-up expert Leila Sharma, “Pastel shades are very in this season, like the peaches and the lilacs that are light, airy and very pretty. Use these colours on your eyelids and lips in a fresh way, but it should not glisten too much, so make sure you use subtle hints of colour. Orange and peach hints are good, even for darker skin, as long as they are no too bold or harsh.” According to Leila, it is best to keep foundation light or use some mousse instead. To keep away the inevitable shine in summer, she advises that women keep some blotting paper in the handbag to wipe away the shine. Eyeshadows that are in metallics are too harsh for the morning light, but can be used liberally in the evening. Make-up pros advise that the older you are, it is best to balance bright eye pencils on the upper lid and with black liner below. Youngsters, however can use aqua blue, peacock green and wild purple around the eyes and dazzle right through the summer.