Ex-lawmaker shot dead in Karachi


Former National Assembly member and Pakistan People’s Party leader Waja Karim Dad Baloch was shot dead along with four others by unidentified armed men, private TV channels reported on Wednesday night.
A channel reported that Waja Baloch was sitting in a hotel in old city area for iftar with his friends. The Civil Hospital officials confirmed that five people including the former lawmaker have been killed while six others were hurt. Waja Baloch had been elected from the Lyari area.
During the last 24-hours, eight people were killed and three injured in separate incidents of violence in different localities. The police recovered bullet riddled bodies of five persons from various areas while unidentified gunmen shot dead one person in Shah Faisal Colony, near Malir stream.
Yet one more person whose identity has not been ascertained was killed in a firing incident in Saddar. According to police, two bullet riddled bodies packed in gunny bags were recovered from PECHS Block 2, Ferozabad police station jurisdiction and near Hasho Centre Saddar, one from Garden near Water Hydrant, two from Tariq Road area and one from Soldier Bazar.
At least three people sustained injuries after unidentified gunmen opened fire at them in Baldia Town No 3 on late Tuesday night. Hundreds of citizens took to the streets against the firing incident and lack interest of police to nab the culprits. The protesting people chanted slogans against the police, and blamed the police was backing the criminal elements.
Heavy contingent of police and Rangers have been deployed in the area to avoid any untoward incident. Unabated firing was witnessed in different areas of the city creating panic and sense of insecurity among the residents in the affected areas.
The police said that all the bodies recovered from different localities were shot dead in identical manner and the gunny bags they were packed in also have similarity which reveals that the same group or criminal gang was behind these incidents.


  1. Shame on the PPP government who is busy in appeasing the very thugs who continue target killings and I would not be surprised the murder of PPP member may have been work of MQM.

    Lyari people have given their blood for Bhutto family and Asif Zardari has turned his back to these deprived citizen and is busy showering his favours to MQM thugs who will today or tomorrow pull the rug under his feet or stab in his back.

  2. Another leader of PPP has been targetted, this time around, in Karachi-the capital of Sindh. Some one really is consistantly behind PPP making desperately all out efforts to some how to bring its valliant leadership on its knee. As its the only one left in the way of securing Pakistan. But credit to workers, activists and leaders of this Party that despite giving so much blood for this country they all still stand very firmly on the ground to save this hardly earned Pakistan

    God bless martyred Baloch.


  3. One more PPP Jiyala has been sacrificed by this government in their pursuit for reconciliation, where blood of Pakistanis seems to be so cheap that it continues to be offered in the name of power politics.

  4. Lyari is an area where many gangs operate. It is surprising that 'media' in Pakistan is not highlighting ground reality i.e. tensions between Baloch and Kathchi ………this area is adjacent to big business centers and giving bad name to government. There is no MQM in this area.

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