Contempt proceedings sought against PM, interior minister


A constitutional petition seeking initiation of contempt proceedings against Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Interior Minister Rehman Malik for not implementing many judicial verdicts was filed in the Supreme Court on Monday.
The contempt petition, making the prime minister and the interior minister respondents, was filed by Tariq Asad under Article 204 of the constitution. The petitioner stated that the prime minister and the interior minister had violated their oaths by not implementing many of the SC verdicts.
He said the prime minister had been continuously disobeying SC orders since April 22, 2011 and had been causing obstacles in the administration of justice.
He said the PM was entrenched to thwart the Supreme Court’s decisions and rulings that involve his own son, Abdul Qadir Gilani, who is one of the culprits involved in the Haj scam. He said FIA Director Hussain Asghar had issued notice to Abdul Qadir Gilani, therefore to protect his son, the PM had making efforts to remove Asghar from the investigation of the Haj scam.
He said Gilani has deliberately defied and flouted more than a dozen SC orders and wasted the precious time of the court, which indirectly hindered the process of administration of justice to the general public.
He said in order to protect his son from being dealt with in accordance with law, the PM preferred his personal interest to influence his official conduct and official decision in violation of his oath.
He added that Malik had also violated his oath for which the court might take action under Articles 62, 63 and 6 against him as well Gilani.