Wasim hits back after Mohsin tirade


The war of words between Pakistan’s chief selector Mohsin Khan and former Test captain Wasim Akram continues with the latter insisting that the selection policy for the national cricket team is flawed and inconsistent.
Miffed at the counter statement made by Mohsin Khan, where he suggested Akram mind his own business, the former fast bowler said he had every business and right to comment on Pakistan cricket affairs and it was a fallacy that he did not follow Pakistan cricket or did not know what was going on.
Stating that he is a cricket fanatic and in touch with whatever is happening in Pakistan cricket, Akram said: “Even when I am away, keep a constant eye on Pakistan’s international and domestic cricket. It needs just a few clicks on the internet to keep you abreast of cricket around the world.”
“I am in fact surprised by Mohsin’s outburst because the media has criticised him often for not attending domestic matches,” Akram said.
The former great also said he stuck to his earlier statement that there was no consistency in the selection of the national team.
“This is evident by the frequent changes made for the last few tours. How can Mohsin talk of consistency. Is playing four separate wicketkeepers in the last one year consistency? If Kamran Akmal is not played for any reason other than cricket, there is no second opinion that Sarfaraz Ahmed is the second best gloveman in the country,” he said.
“Why was Adnan Akmal selected ahead of Sarfaraz last year for the South Africa series in UAE and why couldn’t Sarfaraz be recalled from the West Indies where he was playing for the Pakistan A team?” asked Akram. Noting that despite Adnan’s superb performance against South Africa, he was dropped for the West Indies tour, Akram said: “Where is the consistency that Mohsin talks about?”
He said playing without the key fast bowlers in Zimbabwe would be like inviting an upset defeat on the upcoming tour as Zimbabwe had recently beaten Bangladesh in a Test. “And mind you they are a better one-day side,” said Akram.
Reacting to Mohsin’s comments about him not serving Pakistan cricket, Akram said he was proud that he was being used by India and they did so with a lot of respect.
“I have been praised as an ambassador between Pakistan and India and I will continue to do so. I have always spoken for the revival of Indo-Pak series and my views are taken very seriously,” he insisted.
Earlier, Mohsin had reacted strongly to Akram’s criticism on the selection of the national squad for the upcoming tour of Zimbabwe.
Mohsin said he was upset with Akram’s statements that the selectors needed to show consistency in selecting younger players and that they should not have dropped pace bowlers – Umar Gul, Tanvir Ahmed and Wahab Riaz – for the Zimbabwe tour.
“I am upset because Wasim does not spend much time in Pakistan and is not aware of what the national selectors are thinking or their line of plan and action. I think he has no business to give such irresponsible statements without knowing the facts on national selection,” Mohsin had said.


  1. mohsin is right, wasim has no right to talk on pakistan cricket issues. he is no more looks to be pakistani for his all bad acts. so please wasim sb, do whatever u do but do not comment on our great cricket team, we know what we are doing.

  2. Everyone has the right to say or write anything, not violating the religion and constitution. After all freedom of speech is allowed all over Pakistan. Wasim can say anything and so can Mohsin. But these two great cricketers should knock off and focus on how to contribute in the Pakistan Cricket by their influence. Mohsin is chairman selection panel and when Wasim says something about cricket it means alot to the board. So, move on and help the cricket in the country.

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