U.S. citizen kidnapped from Lahore: police


An American citizen was kidnapped from his residence in Model Town Lahore on Saturday, police said.
Police identified the man as “J.E. Warner”, who they said was working on a development project tribal areas.
A U.S. Embassy spokesman said they were trying to confirm the reports.
“Some six to eight people broke into his house at around 3:30 a.m.” police official Tajamal Hussain told Reuters.
“Two of the assailants came from the front gate while about six others used the backdoor. They tortured the guards and then took the American with them.”
Hussain said Warner, in his 60s, had been living in Pakistan for five to six years. He mostly lived in Islamabad but had been travelling to Lahore.
Another official said they had no details about the kidnappers.
Pakistani Taliban, linked to al Qaeda, had claimed responsibility for kidnapping a Swiss couple in July.
They said the couple could be freed in exchange for Dr. Afia Siddique who is imprisoned in United States for allegedly attacking soldiers in Afghanistan.


  1. bus bhi kardo yaar,us psycho afia kay liye kyun seedhay sadhay logo ko kidnap kartay ho? afia was an islamic fascist who got punished rightly.she deserves to be in jail,she was supporting islamic terrorists.
    our real qaum ki betis are women like marvi sirmed,asma jehangir and sherry rehman.
    all these hijabis and burkis should go migrate to saudia or iran and leave us all in peace.

  2. All who were not aware of the true face of Dr. Afia are now qualified enough so please stop this nonsense of kidnappings and killings. The other day some high ranking Police Officers from Punjab were attending a party which was arranged by US consul. These officers went there without taking permission as per rules and law. What is going on in this Free For All Province??? Unless action against those who are known to be affiliated (whether as sleeping partner) with Al Qaida or TTP etc etc etc nothing will approve in our country.

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