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Govt contemplates strict law on illegal weapons

Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday said the government was contemplating to bring a new law in the country whereby keeping illegal weapons would be declared a non-bailable offence while existing maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment would also be increased.
Talking to reporters outside the Parliament House, he said the data of arms licences issued by the Interior Ministry was being computerised, adding that anyone having a licence could get a new computerised one by September 30. He also said that the computerised data would help eliminate fake licenses and illegal weapons from the country, curb crimes and other incidents of lawlessness.
Rehman said the existing law allowed bails of the people found guilty of keeping illegal weapons and the government was planning to bring about certain changes in the law. When asked about the computerisation of arms licences issued by the provincial governments, Malik said it was the responsibility of the provincial government and the Centre could help them in the process, if required.
Replying to another query pertaining to the parliamentarians’ severe criticism on his performance as minister, Rehman said only some members of the National Assembly had criticised him as he had refused jobs to their relatives out of merit in different departments falling under his ministry.
Answering another question, the interior minister said banning issuance of unregistered mobile phone SIMs had reduced terror incident and no mobile phone company would issue such SIMs in future.

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