Animated Shah Rukh in ‘Ra One’ video game


Shah Rukh Khan’s got an animated avatar as part of a video game for his movie ‘Ra.One’ and seems very animated about it.
“Sorry to go on and on about the Sony PS3 game but I am so taken in by it. yippeee my own personal video game…though the hair is little pointy… will put up shots of other actors too, soon,” Shah Rukh wrote on his Twitter page, while also putting up the picture you see here.
SRK has collaborated with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) to publish and launch ‘RA.One-The Game’ on the PlayStation platform to introduce the characters before its release.
“It has been a dream since childhood to be somehow involved in videogame designing or making them as all kids dream of. So now many years down the line the dream is fulfilled! Double pleasure gaming and movies… ‘RA.One’ on PS 2 & PS3… feeling like a kid all over,” Shah Rukh added.
“Hope everyone enjoys the game and also the movie. The game is awesome fun… G.One looks cool… so does Ra.One and Kareena in an avatar which everyone will enjoy… too thrilled. Finally can play a game… be a gamer and the game itself… YAY!!!”
Apparently the video game will be released by next month, and Kareena Kapoor is believed to have Lara Croft type stunt sequences in the first chapter of the game.
Megabudget ‘RA.One’, being made under SRK’s banner Red Chillies Entertainment, is set for an October 26 release and also stars Arjun Rampal.
“‘RA.One-The Game’ will be released September 11 before the film hits screens. SCEE is committed to a certain high decibel launch of the game and will establish creatively the key characters of the film through the game itself”, a source close to Shah Rukh revealed.
“Red Chillies Entertainment recognises the importance of the gaming route to connect with the Indian audience and has been involved in the pre-production stage. To maintain closeness of the story line of the game to the film, it has been actually written by the Red Chillies team and Shah Rukh, in particular.
“This is an innovative business model of almost using the game launch to create a high level of excitement and expectation for ‘RA.One’ as the film,” said the source.


  1. Parents have always worried about their kids game plans. They play in dirt messy area and non hygienic place. These games are sounding safe.

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