Yemenis hold anti- and pro-Saleh rallies


Hundreds of thousands flooded Yemen’s streets Friday seeking victory against “tyrants,” a day after President Ali Abdullah Saleh said a Gulf Cooperation Council proposal for power transfer should be treated positively. “God most merciful, grant us victory in (the Muslim holy fasting month of) Ramadan,” protesters chanted in Sittine Road, in a western district of the capital Sanaa.
“Revolt, revolt to all people against the tyrants,” they chanted on what they have named the Friday of “achieving victory.” The protesters also called for “building a new Yemen.” Similar protesters took place in the second-largest city Taez, as well as in Ibb, Hudaydah, Saada, Aden and Marib.
Meanwhile, Saleh’s supporters rallied in tens of thousands in Sabiine Square in Sanaa’s southern district chanting “the people want Ali Abdullah Saleh.”