Traffic mess


Karachi is the biggest city of our country. This metropolitan city has expanded without any planning since the creation of Pakistan which has naturally brought about many problems for the people of this mega city. Traffic hazards have also increased greatly as one of the biggest problems in this city.

The main problem of traffic hazards in Karachi is decrepit roads and poor infrastructure. Another problem is corrupted police and traffic mafia and increasing number of vehicles. One more problem which should be highlighted here is the reckless driving of bus drivers. Bus drivers usually drive fast because of which there are many accidents. They stop their buses anywhere without any stop to pick up passengers which creates problems for the vehicles coming from behind. Bus drivers on the whole are a menace to a society.

The transport mafia of Karachi managed to destroy the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) back in 1960s and gained absolute hold onto the transport system of the city. Result is that majority of the accidents today are because of the transport mafia. Uneducated, wild, rustic, these bus drivers know that their unions have great influence on the lawmakers of the city. The rickshaw drivers also do not care much about the traffic rules and they have also become a major reason of traffic jams and accidents.

Majority of motorcyclists ride their motorcycles at a very high speed and they not only endanger their lives but also the lives of other people. There are many motorcyclists who fall a victim to accidents due to over-speeding.

A lot of drivers, motorcyclists in particular, do not care for traffic signals and traffic laws. They are always in a hurry and this haste also sometimes proves to be the cause of very dangerous accidents in which many people lose their lives.

Traffic hazards have become very common in Karachi and the concerned authorities should take strict and quick action to solve this problem for good.