Success makes Scott more confident


Using a long putter that he once would have dismissed as a desperate gimmick, Australian Adam Scott has revived his game and served notice he will be a threat to win the 93rd PGA Championship. The 31-year-old won last week’s World Golf Championships event and shared second at the Masters at Augusta last April, each time producing stellar Sunday performances that took his confidence to new heights. “Just playing well on the back nine Sunday at the Masters was the thing that kind of pushed the belief forward,” Scott said. “I didn’t win the Masters but I felt like I did everything I had to do. “Then I did it again this Sunday. I felt like I played really well on the back nine at the right time in a big tournament. Those are big things for your confidence that really help you believe that you can win a major championship.” To help produce that major breakthrough, Scott added a fiery new caddie in Steve Williams, fired last month by Tiger Woods. But even before that came a switch to a long putter, a move made after early season struggles in January on greens in Hawaii convinced him he needed a change. “I probably was one of those people who thought the long putter should be banned,” Scott said. “But it’s not so I don’t really worry about it. It’s within the rules at the moment, and I’m very happy about that. “I lost my rhythm quickly when I was in Hawaii with the putting. Frustrating. One day it’s there and the next day it’s not and that’s kind of how the whole of 2010 went.”