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Stay safe during rains… because the KESC cares

The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has asked citizens to follow safety guidelines during the expected monsoon rains in the metropolis, both in respect of electricity-related hazards and in general terms. The KESC has taken all possible steps to be prepared in view of the upcoming rains.
According to a press release issued on Wednesday, public awareness on rain hazards, reinforcement at control rooms and call centres, setting up of emergency maintenance teams and coordination with various related government agencies are a few of the salient features of the KESC’s rain preparedness plan.
The KESC would also obtain support from provincial and city administrations for drainage of rainwater from KESC installations and specified routes and locations to minimise delays, accidents and safety hazards.
A close liaison would also be maintained with the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board to resolve or forestall water gathering problems for quick restoration.
The KESC has advised the citizens not to touch water-soaked or fallen electricity wires, wet poles and to stay away from standing rainwater pools. During rain, they need to avoid touching electric poles which may be harmful if there is a leakage of current.
Citizens also need to keep away from standing rainwater pools which could catch electric current unexpectedly and to refrain from touching wires and electrical appliances with wet hands. The KESC has also asked the general public to immediately inform the utility’s call centre 118 if and when they confront a rain-related emergency like standing water around electric installations and poles or broken and fallen wires. The complaints can also be emailed direct to the top management via [email protected] KESC has expressed its full commitment to redress public complaints and customers’ grievances in rain emergency situation.
The utility advised its field employees working outdoors during rain to reinforce safety by careful planning and toolbox talks, make sure that the safety gear is in a serviceable condition, use PPE, keep a small towel or piece of cloth and to wipe the tools dry before use, ensure proper line isolation from all sides before commencing work, ensure proper shorting and grounding where applicable, to use gum boots and check that the soles have proper tread which avoids slipping, ensure use of safety belt while working at heights and during high wind conditions, keep away from trees, tall objects, metal objects and water during a thunderstorm, look out for open manholes if needed to wade through standing water and use a stick to feel the ground in front.
The KESC asked media organisations, associations and parties and mosque managements to educate people over rain-related safety precautions, especially in high risk localities including Lyari, Baldia, Uthal and Surjani.
In general terms, the KESC has advised citizens to keep abreast of the weather conditions through the media, secure all loose objects which may fly off due to high winds, stay away from windows during a storm and keep flashlights and spare batteries for use if the power goes out.
 While driving, citizens need to make sure the windshield wipers are in working condition, reduce speed, be aware of falling trees that can fall due to wind or lightning, turn on emergency flashers, not to touch any metal objects in the car and avoid driving on inundated roads.

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