Pakistan cricket needs fresh faces


The selection of a national team is always a difficult job. And it never happens that selection of certain team members win nod from all. There are always detractors. The selection of recent Pakistan cricket teams for the Zimbabwe series and the list of central contracts is one such example which received a lot of criticism from former cricketers like Iqbal Qasim, Wasim Akram as well as young cricketer like Faisal Iqbal.
The current team for Zimbabwe series surprised a few people because there are certain faces which have repeatedly made the national side and were dropped for poor showing but they are still part of the team. And there are also some who were dropped on the pretext of giving rest but were lucky to find their places back in the team. But one wonders as to how long the Pakistan cricket would keep circling around the tried and the tested faces. One such example is Shoaib Malik and then there is Danish Kaneria, who were given ample time represent at the top but they still hovering around for a place in the team.
There is also Faisal Iqbal, who played 26 test matches and 18 one-day internationals for Pakistan but have an average of 26.76 and 22.42 respectively but still claims that he deserve central contract. He should understand that being the nephew of a batting maestro does not mean an automatic selection. For selection, a player has to show abilities and relationship to a legend can only then be helpful. So before expressing his surprise he should himself make an honest appraisal whether he really deserves a place in the national side or not.
The selection of junior team is believed to be generally fair because the selectors are now trying to explore new options. After Younis, Yousuf, Afridi, Malik, Pakistan to has to blood in fresh talent. It’s time to build a team that would develop Pakistan cricket to a real fighting bunch till the next World Cup. The critics and the selection committee should keep in mind that the team built now would have an impact on international arena in the days to come. So keeping some of the performing seniors along with fresh faces is a right step forward. But some of the senior like Razzaq, Farhat, Taufeeq should also keep in mind that Pakistan needs fresh faces.


  1. The writer seems to have forgottan averages of Imran Farhat which is too abysmal. If technique is a criteria then Faisal Iqbal stands out. Faisal has played many great knocks and he was a regular member before sad events of Mar 2009 that resulted suspension of test matches for exactly two years or so. Faisal was also out of favor since Shoaib Malik occupied number six spot. Infrequent chances is also one reason of average under 30. But purely on technique Faisal is best especially against spinners. Ramiz Raja during his expert comments in WI rued that Pakistan is not producing players who could play well against spinners. Pakistan wilted against little known Bishoo as well as quality bowlers such as Swann. If horses for courses is the answer then Faisal should play when opposition comes with quality spinners.

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