An all-weather friendship


With the attacks in China’s Kashgar city, Pakistan’s role in terrorism came under scrutiny once again. Efforts were made to create misunderstandings between Pakistan and China as it is now blamed that the group, East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), who organised the attack received arms and explosives training in Pakistan.

The ETIM training camps are operating freely across Afghanistan while many of its senior members are living in different parts of the world, including United States and India. It was a planned strategy to achieve two objectives: to defame Pakistan as terror sponsoring country and to tarnish Pak-China relationship. But like the previous attempts, this time again it proved to be a futile effort to damage Pak-China all-weather friendship.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ma Zhaoxu said, “China will continue strengthening cooperation with Pakistan in fighting what both sides deem to be dangerous extremism.”