No article available in constitution for new provinces: Babar Awan


Former Federal Law Minister Babar Awan said on Wednesday that there is no article available in the constitution for creation of new provinces in the country and there is no need to form any commission in this regard.
Talking to journalists outside the Supreme Court, he said that the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) had demanded formation of a commission for creation of new provinces which is against the constitution.
He said that the constitution has given a clear method for creation of new units in the country under forum of the provincial legislative assemblies.
Babar Awan said that the issue of creation of new Saraiki province in Punjab has been raised and the issue would be discussed in the Punjab Assembly, adding that according to constitution all stakeholders including the Punjab government should be given chance to explain their stance in the Punjab Assembly.
Babar Awan said that propaganda was being spread that the PPP was chanting political slogans about creation of new provinces in the country which is baseless. He said that two new provinces in the country or administrative
units were formed in the regime of the PPP.
The former law minister said that the PPP had also formed two High Courts which is a gift to lawyers and judiciary, adding that the PPP is the only party which can create new provinces in the country because it is the symbol
of the federation.
He said the session of the Punjab Assembly would be held Thursday and hoped that the opposition party would be given chance to debate the issue. He said that any party should not be knocked out from the assembly due to any reason because such step could be dangerous for Punjab province.


  1. Its a politcal game of power shuffel… An effort to break the power of sharifs… Nothing good is gona come out of it… Unless the rulers are serious to divide provinces for the sake of good of ppl… Which I doubt is the case

  2. I think regardless of the political reasons, creating new administrative units will benefit Pakistan. It will at least break the hold of single parties over entire provinces- from which even the common man will benefit. One step closer to regional autonomy i think, otherwise everything depend on the intentions of the public and the rulers. Otherwise, any and everything can be used for personal gain by someone.

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