Govt issued notice on plea against POL price hike


The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday issued notice to the government in a writ petition against the recent increase in petroleum and compressed natural gas (CNG) prices. Chief Justice Iqbal Hameedur Rehman resumed hearing in a case filed by the Pakistan Human Rights Association President M Kokab Iqbal against the government, for increasing petroleum and CNG prices. The plaintiff named the federation of Pakistan as respondent in the case.
The petitioner contended that the government’s decision to increase POL prices was against article 9 of the constitution. He contended that instead of controlling corruption the government had been increasing POL prices to extort money from the already poverty-stricken populace. The petitioner appealed for the cancellation of the POL price increase notification. He contended that recent increase in POL prices would play havoc with the lives of the poverty-stricken masses.
The lawyer said inflation and price hike had made it impossible for the common man to run his kitchen, and the current rise in petroleum and CNG prices would further add to the miseries of the public. After hearing the arguments, the chief justice issued notice to the federation of Pakistan, and adjourned proceedings for an indefinite period.
APCNGA to resist increase in CNG prices: With a view to evolving a strong strategy against the government’s decision of increasing CNG prices and suspending gas supply, the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) will convene its meeting on Thursday (today).
Talking to Pakistan Today, APCNGA President Ghayas Paracha said the government was playing its every card to sabotage the CNG sector. He added that the executive body meeting of the association would take firm decisions against the government’s apathy. “The government claims to have maintained 45 percent difference between the CNG and petroleum prices, but the recent decision of August 8 increasing the CNG rate by Rs 6.86 per kilogram is contrary to its claims,” he lamented.
Paracha said the decision had adversely affected the business of CNG owners and transporters as the closure of CNG stations for three days was already creating problems for them. He alleged the CNG prices had been increased to cover the loss of SNGPL and SSGC.
“The government’s move would force us to close CNG stations,” the APCNGA president warned, adding that the transport service would come to a standstill in case of the association’s protest. He urged the government to withdraw the decision of increasing the CNG prices.