19 brigadiers promoted to rank of major general


The Pakistan Army Promotion Board on Wednesday approved the elevation of 19 brigadiers to the rank of major general.
The decision was made at the promotion board meeting held at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi. The meeting was headed by Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani and attended by all corps commanders, principal staff officers and senior army officials.
“After the two-day meeting, the names of 19 brigadiers, who will be promoted to the rank of major general, were finally approved,” said a security official.
He said the brigadiers, who were promoted to the slot of major general included Umar Durani, Ahmad Mahmood, Tariq Masood, Tahir Javed, Nazir Butt, Mazhar Saleem, Muhamad Jafar, Najamul Hasan, Ghulam Qamar, Ali Abbas, Aamer Riaz, Abid Rafique, Asif Khatak, Jamil Rehmat Vance, Salim Raza, Malik Abbas, Syed Badshah Husain, Shahab Naqvi and M Junaid.


  1. Pakistan a poor country has one of the largest armies in the world. Pakistan military is also one of the few who have usurped power for more than half life of the country. Besides, it is deeply involved in corporate concerns. On top of that we have hundreds of generals and many hundreds of brigadiers and thousands of colonels and hundreds of thousands of other officers and personnel.

    Pakistan is also a unique country where corps or formation commanders hold their meetings which are widely publicised by the media and then they issue press releases of political significance for which they are. in normal circumstance, is forbidden to them but then I already said Pakistan is unique.

  2. From Toronto Canada
    The most inefficient Army in the world promotes another 19 mediocres to the higher rank which will not only give these officers a higher rank but attracts a large newly constructed house of their choice, plots, commercial plot and unlimited financial powers for which they are not answerable. God bless my country!

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