Thousands protest Sindh’s ‘division’


Massive rallies were staged and a complete shutter down strike was observed in interior Sindh, Hyderabad and Sindhi and Baloch-dominated areas of Karachi on Monday to protest the imposition of separate administrative systems in rural and urban Sindh.
The strike call was given by the Awami Tehreek (AT) and Jiyay Sindh Tehreek (JST) against the dual administrative systems, rolling back of the magistracy and the imposition of Sindh Local Government Ordinance, 2001 in the province. All business centres in Ghokti, Deherki, Kandhkot, Kashmore, Jacobabad, Kambar-Shahdadkot, Larkana, Sukkur, Dadu, Khairpur, Nawabshah, Mirpurkhas, Jamshoro and Hyderabad. Sindhi and Baloch majority areas of Karachi also remained shut for the day. All petrol filling station were also closed for business and the traffic on the roads also remained scarce during the strike. The districts bars in all areas on strike also remained closed.
In protest against the PPP and President Asif Ali Zardari, 20 office-bearers resigned from the party, while several protest rallies were staged in almost all districts and tehsil headquarters across Sindh. In Larkana as well, a complete shutter down and wheel-jam strike was witnessed on calls given by JST, Jiyay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM), Awami Tehreek (AT), Sindh United Party (SUP), Sindh Adabi Sangat (SAS) and several other civil and intellectual bodies to protest the administrative partition of Sindh.
The activists of above-mentioned parties staged sit-ins at various crossings and burnt tyres against what they called anti-Sindh decision. All shopping centres and markets, including Shahi Bazaar, Resham Gali, Jelius market, Anaj Mandi, Bunder Road, Pakistan Chowk and others business areas remained shut. Additional police and Rangers personnel were called in to beef up security. The police arrested five activists of JST. Addressing the protest rallies, local and nationalists leaders said the ruling parties had desecrated the mandate of the people of Sindh for their vested interests and hunger for power. They said they would resist and fight on all front for the rights of the people of Sindh and would never compromise on principles.


  1. Zardari-PPP so called chairman is traitor to the cause of Sindhis and Sindh.He is only interested in himself,his power,his dynasty,trillion rupees corrupt wealth even if he has to bargain with India to keep it.To surrender to Altaf Hussein,MQM,the satanic blackmailers,target killers of thousands,bathakhors of billion of rupees, in complete prostration greatest enemy of poor, Sindhis,Pakistan who calls India to take back six crore Muhajirs is treachery to the cause of Sindhis and Pakistan.The real problem IS Zardari and his toadies in PPPZ and his shamefully licking toes of Altaf HUSSEIN TO SAFEGAURD HIS VESTED INTERESTS.LARKANI

  2. Creating 15-18 smaller multi-ethnic provinces.

    To stabilize and to further develop Pakistan, Pakistani government should consider creating smaller multi-ethnic based provinces. The four provinces, FATA, and northern area should be divided into 15-18 smaller provinces or Super Districts.

    In reality this will make the federation more balanced and address the grievances of smaller provinces against Punjab. It will also elimination the dominance of MQM in Karachi and dominance of [Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) and PPP in Interior Sindh.

    It is vital for Pakistan to have more smaller provinces, which can be governed by the local government, this will not only stabilize the country but also help develop faster. Each province will get it share of representation in federal government.

    Each province will have economic development system, local government will promote the industry and service sectors as a means to socioeconomic achievement.

    Each state will develop it's own economic structure, economic planning of the future development in various field: Engineering, agriculture, food processing industry, sea food. Local government will be responsible to try to find the fastest way to lift up the economy through investment from both domestic and foreign investors.

  3. "More Provinces will further develop Pakistan

    Easy Administration: It will be beneficial both for the public and the Govt. to administer. For public, need not to travel long to reach provincial headquarter to accomplish their work.
    Employment Opportunities:With the creation of new provinces lot of jobs will be created in public as well as private sector.
    Speedy Justice:New High couts will be formed in each new provinces. It will provide justice quickly and economically.
    Route to Democracy: More provinces will result in more balance representation in NationalAssembly and Senate. hence it will strength the democratic values.(Lets Devide Pakistan into 8 Provinces…?

    May 5th, 2008 Nisar Ahmed"

  4. "Pakistan & The Provinces – The Question of Provincial Autonomy & Its Impact On Pakistan’s Future Prosperity
    By Sikander Hayat

    All these provinces must have sweeping powers to manage their own affairs and very few areas should be under federal jurisdiction

    3. Federal Government should have five responsibilities

    a. Defence
    b. Foreign Affairs
    c. Currency ( Central Bank)
    d. Communications ( Roads, rails, ports & telecommunications)
    e. Education

    4. All major ports as part of communication should be joint federal/Provincial jurisdiction

    5. Every citizen will pay two taxes (both will be at a reduced rate based on United States and Canadian Model), one to the federal government and the other to the respective provincial government. This will make the provinces self sufficient and central funding should be allocated on basis of need for development as well as population."

    Quote Originally Posted by ZZ View Post
    Land reforms would have helped Pak like anything. Agricultural production improves when people produce for themselves. Indian Punjab and Haryana produce wheat for entire India. pakistani Punjab, bigger in size, can not feed itself. Despite all chaos, Indian Kashmir is better of than Bihar. It is due to land reforms by sheikh abdulla. People have a piece of land to live on. It will create much needed middle class and more egalitarian society. There was an article saying how per capita in karachi and Islamabad is one of highest in Asia. This shows how bad the distribution of wealth is in Pak. Land reforms are must. but who will bell the cat?"

    There are some Pakistani ( and other foreign agent who don't want Pakistan to prosper) are against dividing Pakistan into smaller provinces are "Super districts".
    To stabilize and develop Pakistan, Pakistani government should consider creating smaller multi-ethnic based provinces.”

    It is important that we breaking up the current provinces in to 15-18 smaller provinces or "Super Districts". It will not only help in administrating these provinces but also it will benefit Politically.
    FATA has become the 1st priority for Pakistan. It is important that we integrate them into Pakistan. There should be no Jirga style government in any part of Pakistan.
    Creating more provinces will l improve governance,lesson ethnic tension and create more jobs.

    Judiciary is finally moving in the right direction but the Parliament still has a long way to go.We need to empower the parliament in order to have a functional democracy.
    Political parties need to start holding their own elections to establish democratic system.
    It will result in easier administration, more localized development & opportunities so that there is less migration to the major cities and enhanced national identity.
    That would enable effective administration and decentralization of power

    It will resolve majority of the problems. There are so many questions were left unanswered for 50 years, FATA, Northern Area, undeveloped Baluchistan. Create more provinces, distribute the resources to all the provinces not just one. Remove landlord (zamidar,wadara,choudary) system.

    IV) Each Provincial (or "Super district") government responsible for:
    1- Democratic Governance
    2- Poverty Reduction (Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger)
    3- Crisis Prevention and Recovery
    4- Energy and Environment
    5- Improve Health Care system (Reduce Child Mortality /Improve Maternal Health)
    6- Develop global partnership for Economy and Social development
    7- Improve Education system

    We need to improve our country.
    We need to educated the masses so we can get rid of lawlessness and corruption from our country. We need to create jobs, improve economy, our textile companies need quality control (Pakistan is losing Textile export due to quality control) and much more.

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