Mujahid squad arrests 263


Mujahid Squad police claimed to have arrested 263 criminals responding to 15 emergency calls in July and recovered weapons and charas worth thousands of rupees, hundreds of liquor bottles and bullets from their possession. According to a handout issued on Monday, the arrested accused persons were involved in robberies, bike lifting, gambling and drug pushing and 264 cases had been registered against them. Mujahid Quad registered 74 cases against accused for possessing illegal weapons and recovered 57 pistols, 16 pump-actions and dozens of bullets from their possession. 10 kg charas, 2 kg heroine and 227 bottles of liquor were recovered from drug pushers and 140 cases were registered against them. Mujahid police also arrested members of the Asif Pathan bike lifting gang. The arrested gang members confessed to several unsolved cases during interrogations. SP Mujahid directed police officials to follow the security plan to avoid untoward incidents. He also ordered them to vigilantly monitor suspicious individuals near mosques and shrines especially during prayer times.