Arid University produces off season vegetables


The Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi has completed a Higher Education Commission (HEC) sponsored research project on commercial viability of hydroponic vegetable production and its marketing at international level.
The research project has been completed by faculty members and students of the university, who are now capable of exporting about one ton of high quality off season vegetables to the Middle East on daily basis, says a press release.
This ongoing activity is generating valuable foreign exchange through export promotion for the already foreign exchange deficit country. Major products include tomato on vine, cherry tomato and coloured bell pepper (orange, yellow and red).
Previously, Pakistan was importing beef tomato, coloured bell pepper and cherry tomato from international market. With the success of this project, the university is now able to substitute these imports saving valuable foreign exchange for the country. These products are also available in Pakistan in major cities on superstores.
The university is also conducting research on production of different vegetables under the same hydroponics system including tomato on vine, beef tomato, cherry tomato, strawberry tomato, cucumber, bitter gourd, egg plant and white onion. This hydroponics system ensures disease and pesticide free vegetables in the country. These products are recognized for their taste, shape, colour and quality.


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