Abid Sher Ali leads protest outside Rana Sanaullah’s house


Two of the PML-N’s top leaders clashed on Monday as MNA Abid Sher Ali led a demonstration of Samanabad residents against the allegedly illegal structures built by Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah in front of his dera. The protesters blocked the road in front of the law minister’s house, accusing him of leading a local administration anti-encroachment drive that saw their houses and shops demolished.
They said only Abid Sher Ali loyalists were targeted in the drive while the law minister built an illegal structure at his dera. They said Sanaullah was supporting land-grabbers and the encroachment mafia of the city and the district administration was in his pocket. They chanted slogans against the law minister and the local administration and demanded that the encroachment drive be conducted in a transparent manner. The protesters burnt tyres and blocked traffic for hours on the Faisalabad-Sammundri Road. They threatened that if the illegal structure built by the law minister was not demolished immediately, they would also rebuild their demolished houses and shops.


  1. stop fighting amonst yourselves !!!
    the ppp is at your throats trying to break up and destroy punjab and you people are more concerned with plazas and plots !!! wake up and concentrate on fighting against zardari's evil conspiracy to destroy punjab.

  2. you both, ppp and pml-n, are evil, crooked and ugly-faced, trying to plunder more and more. and the writer above is a * telling you to unite against ppp for rule.

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