SHO burnt to death in Faisalabad


Former Station House Officer (SHO) Dajkot Abdul Razaq Gujar was shot to death and then burnt along with his car here on Sunday.
According to a police official, some unknown persons opened fire at the former SHO in Siyal Garh area. After killing him the attackers set his dead-body and his vehicle on fire.
CPO Rai Tahir told the media that this is not an incident of dacoity, rather he was murdered and then burnt. He also told that the former SHO had some conflicts in his family, but police is investigating every aspect of the incident.
Police said that SHO Abdul Razaq Gujar had arrested several notorious and influential criminals during his career.
People of the city have demanded quick arrest of the killers.


  1. Our society is frustrated and beset by countless problems, the blame for which falls squarely on the government. It has failed miserably on all counts, rampant corruption hasn’t ceased for even a single day, inflation is at an all time high, law and order has gone to the dogs. Need one say more?? For how long can society be blamed for ills that have been brought upon by inept and horrendous governance?

  2. this comes as no surprise,our society glorifies violence be it in the name of jihad or mardangi pakistani style,anyone who wants to solve conflicts through dialogue is regarded as chooriyan pehni hui,our women have contributed to this a lot as they incite men to violence by challenging their mardangi .this culture of rewarding violence with titles such as shaheed and ghazi makes violence seem not only acceptable but desirable.

  3. It does not looks family affair. Some big hands are behind this murder due to his performance against criminals. There can also be some departmental issue because most of the crimes are patronized by the police itself.

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