‘Price control committees should monitor Ramadan bazaars’


Administration and Price Control Committees should monitor 25 Ramadan Bazaars set up in Lahore. District Monitoring Committees should enhance the importance of these Bazaars by checking prices of the items, quality and their weights. These views were expressed by Provincial Education Minister, Mian Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman while addressing the meeting of District Monitoring Committee.
He said that this year feedback of Ramadan Bazaars is much better but in spite of that, active Monitoring Committees are essential for further improving these bazaars. He said that Chief Minister Punjab despite being abroad is also calling for the reports of Ramadan Bazaars daily. Provincial Minister directed district administration that Magistrates and TMOs should accompany the members of the monitoring committees during the visit of Ramazan Bazaars so that the persons involved in mal-administration and irregularities could be awarded punishment on the spot.
DCO Lahore Ahad Cheema informed the meeting that there is no shortage of ‘atta’ and sugar in the 25 Ramadan Bazaars set up in Lahore. He disclosed that the government is giving a subsidy of rupees one billion on ‘atta’ only being supplied in Ramadan Bazaars in Lahore.


  1. how to complain about shopkeeper in my town who is selling fruit and vegitable in higher rates even in Ramzam ul Mubarak. He is selling 100% in excess price.

  2. Call on this no and take the contact no of the magistrate of your area and lodge a complaint against that bloody shopkeeper and also educate others about this please.
    Ahsan Habib Khan

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