Social evils


It is very unfortunate that social evils in our country have developed into institutions. The carriers of social evils are human beings. Bribery and corruption are found everywhere. These have put a stop to true progress, equality, development, and hope for a better future.

Bribery is a way of life with our public and many government functionaries. This critical and serious situation has caused the world agencies like the UN to rank Pakistan as one of the most corrupt countries. Hoarding and black-marketing are the twin evils that cause abnormal rise in prices and suffering of the people.

Smuggling is also a social evil that is extremely harmful to the country’s economy. When foreign goods are smuggled into the country on a large scale, the local industry, business and agriculture suffer. Furthermore, the government of the country cannot collect taxes and duties on the smuggled goods.

Injustice is one of the most harmful social evils that wrongs all of society. If an officer in a department, a judge in a court of law, a manager in a factory, or any person in authority is unjust, he corrupts the very fabric of society.

It is unfortunate that even after more than half a century of independence, we are still gripped by a number of deadly social evils. Only through effective moral and social education of the people and the establishment of true political, economic and social system based on high moral principles can we bring social evils to an end.




  1. highlight fabulus information to aware public about harmful effects of these evils in society.nice effort

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