No check on unhygienic fried food


With the advent of holy month of Ramadan, selling of substandard fried eatables is on full swing along roadsides, while there is no check on these stalls on part of the food department.

A large number of stalls could be seen around roadside in various localities of the federal capital selling traditional fried food like samosas, pakoras, French fries, jalaiby, boondi, Cham cham, fry bread, fry eggs, fry spinach, bason ke laddu, patisa, halwa puri, gulgulay, kabab, mince golas etc.
Stallholders are not following hygienic practices, which are causing stomach diseases among the consumers. The stallholders fry this traditional food in sub-standard cooking oil and in pinching heat and flies can be seen wandering over the food.